The Lord is a healer, who wants to heal you. The Cross

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Somethings to ask yourself:

'If I were to die, right now... Where would I go?'

The Lord Jesus Christ loves you, and He would also love for you to accept him, and ask forgiveness for all your sins. If you have asked the Lord into your heart, you are forgiven. And if you're forgiven, and you were to die right now, you would go to the Lord's kingdom, Heaven.

'Is Jesus proud of the way I live?'

That depends... Do you often swear? Do you read the Bible? Do you live like a model Christian? Do you attend Church? Do you forgive others for their bad actions?

The Lord wants you to give praise him through all your days. He wants you to forgive others for their bad actions, redgaurdless of what he/she did. He doesn't want you to swear, He wants you to clean your mouth, and pray for forgiveness if you do swear. And mostly, he wants you to attend Church, and meet other Christians.

more leasons to come.